Patricia (censorshipnow) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i think it's that time (in need of suggestions/tips)

I've had my dreads for just about 2 years and 8 months now. I've dyed and bleached them probably like 15 times, maybe even more. Most of my dreads feel really fried out, and blotchy from poor attempts at dying with no help in poor lighting. I considered just trimming them to see if I felt better about them but I don't know, recently one morning I woke up and thought "I don't want these anymore."

I still love my dreads as they sit on my head right now, but I sort of can't wait for the change. I DEFINITELY will get dreads again, who knows maybe within a year even, because I do love everything about them. I just think this particular nest of them needs to be retired and evolved into something new.

I checked the memories for "combing out" and theres' some alright stuff but I still wouldn't mind hearing anyone's advice on combing them out.

Is is true that if they're wet it'll be easier to comb them out versus dry?
Should I start conditioning them everyday until I can comb them all out?
Any other methods? I'd like to keep as much length as I can, but what are your experiences with length before versus after combing?

Also not sure what cut and/or color I may want to do afterwards, so any suggestions for that would be great as well! This is my favorite forum I am part of online, and I'll still read it everyday and look forward to my next set (of hopefully totally (or mostly) natural dreads next time)

for reference, heres one of the last extensive posts I made..
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