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I haven't posted here in a little while.

I'm here almost every day, but it seems that I only post every couple of months. I'm due for an update!

They'll be 8 months old on Tuesday, which is also me & my boyfriend's 23rd month anniversary, haha. It just happened that way that I created my dreads on a day that was already specific in my head, so now I can keep track of my locks & our anniversary at the same time.


My sister and I, I did her makeup & hair too. I wanted dreadlocks since I was her age, and finally was able to make them at 21 years old. She wants them too, because she wants to be just like me, but mom says no. If she still wants them when she's older though, she knows I'll help her out!

Helping my sister make a gingerbread house for Halloween.

In my bedroom, my natural ~habitat~

You can't see my locks very well in this one, but this is my boyfriend Eric, who makes me sooo happy. I wanted him to smile, but nope! Haha.

Holding my next-door neighbor's new little girl!

Crappy webcam shot

75% of my dreads are extended, this is showing the difference in lengths. I think my New Years Resolution will be for me to take out the extensions.

I really like pretzel thins.

With my older half-sister's daughter, (I guess my neice?), Jaida

My favourite style for wearing my dreads, in two bun things.

I hope you're all having great days!! Me, I'm excited to watch the new episode of Dexter tonight. I'm obsessed, I have a problem with how into it I am, I think. :-P.

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