tritessatops (tritessatops) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

beginning of october.

my friend sammie and i are more or less the reason why there was HVZ this semester. this was night three, round one when i was still a human. the guy who runs the game , pasco, keeps telling me to get a new hat and hide my dreads because i stick out so bad on campus. doesn't stop him from playing with them whenever we hang out, so i think he secretly loves them.

attempted to get a pic of the octobun that i get whenever i put my hair up.

my roomate's boyf from texas stayed with us for a week. a few seconds after this look of unsureness...

he pierced my lip. with a safety pin. that i took out the next day because i didn't want an infection. </bad idea>

halloween pre-test with a new brand of make-up.

last picture taken before i smashed my camera.

the look of disgust that i've adopted from pasco. also, first pic taken after i bleach some of my dreads then dyed them pink&blue.

beside teaching me a new face to make and fussing up my hair, pasco introduced me to this awesome band. they're so awesome that i bought an lp of their first album. he's madd jelly.

my roomie and i like to take tons of pictures with funny poses.

i went to a ska show last night with my best bro forever, sammie. surprisingly there was a lot of fellow dreadies and i high-fived at least five of them.

the aquabats! seriously, the best band ever. (and the only reason why i went to the show at all)

what i've learned about dreads in the past four months and six days:

- the dreads around the ears need some tender loving care or they throw tantrums/unravel.
- fat dread get harder quicker than skinny ones
- crocheting > back combing in time, neatness and doesn't hurt my wrist
- dreads are so much warmer in the winter, i don't even need a hat

see you lovelies again in a few months with another update!
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