Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber (strange_spider) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber

Birthday Yoga Fun!

I went to this incredible birthday party for my friend, Gina, the other night and thought I might share a few photos with you all! There was a full sushi buffet and Gina made me one of the best drinks I have ever had AND I was bad and ate gluten for a DELICIOUS red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, SO worth the pain! =P This incredible woman came with hula hoops and this great book full of acro-yoga. Her and I shared poses we knew and a bunch of people joined in...

Make a wish! This lady makes me swoon! <3

It's not nice to tickle people when they are flying! >.<

My base had my back though and told the culprit to step off! =P

I didn't even fall! =D I just couldn't stop laughing...

I like grapes.


This guy was fun, and I LOVED his shirt! =D

Balcony perspective!

Sexy Che multitasking it up!

Acro-yoga with the birthday girl!

Birthday girl flying!

Happy Faces =D

Some of her birthday presents getting it on!

This drink was divine! I don't drink but I splurged for this one...

Love him to death!

Wearing Mickey Avalon's coat, trying to look like a douchebag to match... =P

"Fuck you Mickey, I got your coat, bitch!"



Stony eyes...=P


Fun with giant glowsticks!

So much love!


Hope you are all doing fantastic!
Peace and Love, Tango
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