sproutfromdirt (sproutfromdirt) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

My dreads turned two recently - at the end of November.  I also felt it was necessary to show some pictures of the lovely tube hat I ordered on Etsy from missbell.co.uk.  I absolutely adore the thing and believe it was a wise investment (as my hair no longer fits in the hats I own and winter is upon is in Upstate New York).

And one more...

This is how they looked after a couple of months.  So hang in there kids.  They don't tell you patience on GUDU for nothing.  Plus, I don't crochet and I have never had maintenance done on my head by others.  I palmroll on occasion and that is all.  It's really amazing and fabulous how they just form over the years on their own.  Its hard to believe my crazy mop in that last picture would turn into what it has.

Happy Holidays my friends :)
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