z0mbiegrlfriend (z0mbiegrlfriend) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

8 Months :]

My new phone just came in the mail so now I bring slightly better quality photos ! My hair turned 8months around Thanksgiving & I finally got around to some documentation

my ends are nubblier than before as i was tired of picking at the dead ends & trimmed my wisps away. i kind of miss them, but am glad to not be pulling hairs out of my dreads.

forced my boyfriend to help me take hair pictures to see how the macro was on my phonecam. turns out, my boyfriend really has no interest in taking pictures of my hair & the macro is pretty crappy in general but not too shabby for a cellphone i suppose

my haircolor looks really strange from the direct sunlight, but its normally a very dark, neutral brown. i'm hoping to color it to a more copper/orange in a couple different levels.

the light screws with the way this really looks, but the wispy end is being gobbled up to form this nub...

..seen here if you can make it out

this is my monster dread. he started out as 4-5 babe dreads that ate each other up and formed this lumpy beast...

this is the beast at about 4 months and potentially before more dreads were added. i had a white bead on there for a while to control the root a bit (which was the main problem, the root of this guy was so wild it tried to take over) & mash dreads together. i made a long clay bead that i was wearing on it for a while but i decided it was probably hindering the process more than helping so i took all the big beads off (left a little blue ring at the root) & its been doing its own thing for about a month now.

these are blurry but i'm working with what i've got... (which is a bf who put in as little effort as possible & who i'm pretty sure left the macro setting on...)

attempt at a flippy pic, looks generally windy.

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