Sierra Nevada (zyzzyx) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sierra Nevada

heyy everyone. long time no see! i don't think i've posted here since i first had dreads in 08.
wellll it's that time again for a new journey :)
this set i'm just kinda letting my hair do it's own thing and it's all been turning out
pretty neat. about mid july i stopped brushing my hair and mid august
i stopped washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner (i use dr. bronners bar soap now.)
hmm anyway here are pictures of my little dreadies in the last few months.
i don't have many from the beginning but i tried to put together as many pictures
as possible :)) and sorry they're mostly photobooth pictures it's all i got.
i need to do some work on them but grr it's so hard to see the back of my head
and none of my friends wanna help ahaha.


early november...

middle/late november...

and just because she's precious, my uncles adopted this beautiful baby girl 5 months ago :) her name is lola

the front of my hair doesn't really wanna do anything yet!


i put a couple braids in my hair just because :)

today :) ...

sorry my hand is in my face lol i just woke up and i'm not lookin my best.

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