pixie_7 (pixie_7) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

You guys you guys! I got my first 'SHOWER' yelled at me out a car window today as I was walking home from work! It was hilarious because I was all indignant and then was like 'OHMAN, i have to tell GUDU!' XD

Anyway, I've had a cold and splitting headache for a few days, and couldn't wear them up, even in a low loose pony because it made my head feel like it was slowly filling with poisonous gasses that would pop my skull like a balloon if i let it continue. So. down they have been. I also found out that i could fairly painlessly tie the dreads from the top of my head back with a couple more crown dreads, and it's super cute, so i'm planning to keep doing that after this damn cold/headache/whatever goes away.

I have also started a gluten free diet again, after conceding that my weight was continuing to go up and my health down. I started November 17, and my goal is to make it a month, then see how I feel and reevaluate. At this point, I'm feeling ok and planning on sticking with it. Anyway, the reason I mention this is because the informal hair growth survey seemed to say that gluten-free was one of the fasted hair growing diets out there, and since i tied in a string of beads about at the start of the diet, I'll be able to keep track of the length i gain if this diet turns long-term. :)

Anyway, on to pictures.


this is what they look like tied back (i'm also giddy that they're long enough to tie back with other dreads!)


The roots are still behaving phenomenally.


They will turn six months on Christmas Eve. :)


ALSO, i have some neat flippy shots, but, alas, they are stuck on the camera. I must get them off and on to GUDU soon!

EDIT: fixed the second picture to be what i *intended* it to be, instead of the same picture as the first. *eye roll* you'd think i'd learn to preview.
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