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Another journal yet again

This is jamesy_dear with my other journal. Don't mind me, I'm an lj code addict. If anyone needs one, just ask. *s*

Alright, well, you all saw the demise of my poor dreads. Now, I've got bald spots, not too big, but I'm permitted to wear a hat in school because of it. My hair was thin to begin with now it's even thinner.

I miss my dreads. A lot. I feel very unlike myself, and very very...odd. Naked. If I do them again, I'll need extensions to have any dreads at all.

This goes against basic Rastafarian beliefs, so I'm torn over the issue. I really want my dreads back, but the only way to get them back, is to directly oppose the basic principles. So...what do I do?

I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on this. Thanks so much.

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