lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

oh hey, here are a bunch of pics of things my dreads have done lately.

two buns. ridiculous, really. it got my dreads out of my way, but i'm not sure i'd actually be willing to leave the house like this. (jewelry: elektroplugs)

this was a particularly epic showerbun.

& here i tied a single knot in a ponytail holder (as shown) so i could have twin tails at a concert. (pics pre-fancy new camera :) ) it was more comfortable than a single tail in the back. (jewelry: mirrorbacks)

also a non-dreads challenge:
a friend of mine is VERY into puns (i know, i know; don't judge me by him), & i started coming up with some physical tattoo puns he should obviously have done. seeing as GUDU is full of creative (& tattooed) folks, can you think of any to add to this list?

  • Pb on his right foot ("you drive with a lead foot")
  • postage on his left foot ("stamp your foot")
  • "slap" written on his wrist ("a slap on the wrist")
  • a bow on his middle finger ("give you the finger")
  • "you" written above his knee ("i'll put you over my knee"), or
  • "you" written next to his knee ("i [k]need you" - that one's romantic, see)

    your turn :D

    & added by gudu members:
  • green thumb (gardening metaphor)
  • a thorn on his ribs ("thorn in your side")
  • a treble clef on his chin ("cleft chin")
  • music notes on his face ("face the music")
  • music notes behind his ear ("an ear for music")
  • "fat" or "pain" on his ass ("fatass", "pain in the ass")
  • "pain" on his neck ("pain in the neck")
  • a phone on his hand ("talk to the hand)
  • snowflakes on his shoulder/feet ("cold shoulder")
  • a potato chip on his shoulder ("chip on your shoulder")
  • a six-pack of beer on his belly ("beer belly" & "six-pack abs" in one)
  • bow around his right bicep ("give your right arm")
  • second amendment on his right arm ("right to bear arms")
  • "out" on his arm or leg ("out on a limb")
  • bees on his knees ("the bees' knees")
  • grease on his elbow ("elbow grease")
  • a feather on the inside of his lip ("down in the mouth")
  • sandpaper on the inside of his lip ("grit your teeth")
  • a foot on his inner lip ("put your foot in your mouth")
  • a cat attacking his mouth ("cat got your tongue")
  • a guitar pick next to his nose ("picking your nose")
  • waves on both sides of the bridge of his nose ("water under the bridge")
  • a joke or "knock knock" on the humerus bone (self-explanatory)
      worse: a keyhole on the humerus bone ("it's locked, you'll have to knock")
  • an E on his cheek (because he's "cheeky")
  • a sandwich on his knuckle ("knuckle sandwich")
  • a nail on his finger/toe ("fingernail"/"toenail")
  • swiss cheese on his toe ("toe cheese")
  • a camel on his toe ("cameltoe")
  • a square on his hip ("it's hip to be square")
  • the XOR symbol "⊕" over the tibia (loosely translated, "tibia or not tibia")
  • a little music band on his forehead ("head band")
  • a top hat on his butt ("ass-hat")
  • eyes on his shoulder blades ("watch your back")
  • a leaf on his ear ("fall on deaf ears")
  • drainpipe behind his ear ("brain drain")
  • a ruler down the bottom of his leg ("calf length")
  • hares on his chest (self-explanatory)
  • two moons on his thigh ("night femur, night femur")
  • crosses on his knuckles ("cross your fingers")
  • cherry, apple, blueberry, & pizza on each finger ("a finger in every pie")
  • "pull" sign on his leg ("pulling your leg")
  • "a doodle doo" on his penis ("cock-a-doodle-doo")
  • a woman's smile on his ribs ("ribbed for her pleasure")
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