Draa (theorhetoriq) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Just a photo blast

Heya everyone!

I rarely post nowadays. =/
This probably will not change, but I swear I've been trying to take pics for you guys!

I'll start with the awesome-looking ones.

Recently, I joined a band. Right now, it's a trio but we're looking to outfit ourselves with a 2nd guitarist. The music's not bad though. I have fun playing it. Definitely not my usual sound to play, but I enjoy it.

The below stamped pictures ARE used with permission from the artist.
Linkage to Sam Ash's flickr
Questions/Inquiries for artist? Here's the email!

I know exactly how I was moving in the below pic - I generally look like that when I get in NICE groovy part.

So in this band, I have to play with a pick. I'm not used to it AT ALL, but for our first show I killed it.
IN A GOOD WAY! We played Beat Kitchen at Fall Formal on 11/26. Day after Thanksgiving, but we still had a nice turnout. Felt good to me!

Check us out! Two free tunes, and more to come soon!

In other news...


Not really many details on this set of photos - I was bored on a few days and I took photos to pass the time. Take care, and happy holidays to everyone!!! 
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