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baby dreads

hey everyone!

i'm cassie, i've been in this community for about a year.. but i've been one of those wimps who likes dreads but doesnt have them.. well i started doing them, but in sections so i dont send my mom, head, or school into shock.

they're about 2 days old, they're backcombed and then latch-hooked together (thanks to tips and references from xsourkittenx..) and i'm not using any wax.. (too expensive!) i got this putty stuff.. "salon selectives control substance molding putty for short/thick hair." wow, they made that title long enough. but yeah, i use that on a few frizzy parts, generously round my head. i havent washed the dreads themselves yet, just my undreaded hair. it's turnin out alright.. i think...

i think i'm going to keep the bangs, i've always had them..

and here's jason, he did most of the dreads.. he's going to be mad i posted this.. sshh! :P

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