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This has probly already been asked here, so I'll probly take this thread down later. Apologies if it has in fact been asked a billion times before! I scanned through the mems' and couldn't find anything at first glance, and don't have more then 10 seconds to sit at the comp right now.

I work at a hostel and [though we are top rated and do constant maintenance to avoid the problems] we've been exposed to bed bugs. The reason I can't even thoroughly scan online for info is I'm in the process of taking apart a dozen bunk beds etc etc etc.

Do beg bugs like dreads? How can I treat my dreads to make sure I'm not infested with them? I can't afford to buy a bunch of products [oils, lalala] and am hoping I can get away with just doing an apple cider vinegar soak or somesuch... any recommendations? What's the words, hummingbirds?
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