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So about a few days ago, it was my good friend Annas birthday. It was super nice to see her because we live so far apart now, like we're talking.. from city range Cleveland, OH and then all the way to where mountain climates are in Athens, OH. so plans first were to go sledding.. that didnt end up too great. car ended up dying.. so we drove back to her mothers for dinner.. so many splendid vegetarian Russian dishes! we then all proceeded on drinking too much wine and going to the bar after cake and such. heres a few photos from Cwismas too. enjoy!

annas my favorite unicorn obsessed russian.

I joked about this being their real wedding picture. 
silly lovebirds.

oh black light cwismassss tree....
our small stockings. haaah.

My sweetie with our kitty Genevieve

my new hat my friend got me at the "really really free market" 
its obnoxiously pink and I love it.

happy holidays be safe!
lovee y'all!

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