stichedxapart (stichedxapart) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

A few texture shots Ive had lying around.

so the story is that me and my mother made a deal. she agreed that I could keep my dreads if I went back to red. As from my last post blood red didnt work and ended up pink.. so I bleached it out and combined four different red dyes and left it on my head for four hours and ended up with red hair (which you saw some pictures of)

So heres some shots.

my hair turned strawberry blonde after bleaching. this best shows my first ever made rip and twist dreads texture. which honestly thats the one thats hardened the most vs the rip and twist + back combing, but i know it takes time! =P

Last night I was feeling sorry for myself and decided to take myself out on a date so I curled my brushable hair and went to dinner, when I got home my mom was tugging on my back dreads and insisted on taking pictures to show me how "horrible" it looks

the top two are the newest to try and cover my bald spot.

Oh the loops!

I also crocheted a few dreads together that were too thin which has made the previous naturally sectionedness feel sorta awkward but im just going to let it go cause theyre young and i have time to figure it out

and heres just a pretty shot

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