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I've never really taken pictures of my dreading process, but a friend of mine always has his digi cam with him and he takes pictures of basically anything. Including me :) I'm just posting a couple of pics here so that you all can see a little piece of my love/hate relationship with my dreadies...


So here's my dreadie adventure, captured in just a few pics. I wish I'd taken more photos of my hair but I wasn't really that clever at the moment :S *kicks self*

Ok, so I started with some HUGE dreadies, but after just a  couple of months they had shrunk so badly that I was actually considering of cutting them off. Luckily I didn't 'coz I'm quite happy with them now :)

Teh -shrinky-eeww-they're so friggin' tiny- period- :

Uggh... :(  They were about 4 months in there *points at pic above*

Next up is teh -look at my two dreaded piggy tails- period :


In these pics my dreads were about 7 months old. And please don't laugh with my stupid face :) Me and my friend were being dumb again and we were kinda talking freaky to each other :D Oh yeah, in the third pic you can see my friend, David, with his dreads :) I really liked them but he cut his off two months ago :( He almost had them for a year :( But yeah, if that is what he wants....

Alright, last pics. Teh -look at my wavy dreads-why the hell did I put elastics in them- period :


In those pics they're about 1 year and 3 months old.

At the moment they've lost the wavyness of all the elastics I put in them (thank god) I wouldn't recommend elastics to other people, but it could be that they actually work for you and that I was just an unlucky person :) Now I just do my daily routine of rip & twisting and I must say that it's the best method I know :) *worships it*

Thank you for wasting your valuable time by reading my post. :) I hope you laughed as much with these pics as I did  ^__^

Ooh !! Almost forgot !! 0_0

My dad  HATES  it when I use his precious little digi cam so I 'borrowed' it for a few hours to take all my recent piccies :) *be's evil*  And this pic is a "thank you" pic to all of you and also because I just WUFF this community  ^__^

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