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chunk of a timeline

Hi. I'm Tara. I dreaded my hair a month ago and here are some

I'm 22 and live in California. I'm been in college for ages. Right now I'm majoring in Global Studies and currently trying to pick up a Peace Studies minor.


after.. it was really weird. the first day I had dreads, I felt like such an asshat! It was this feeling of vulnerability, or something, and I didn't like it. It made me mad that I felt this way. This is my first set and I haven't done anything "crazy" to my hair in years. The feeling is now gone and I'm back to being an ego-inflated asshole.

Fast forward a month.


This morning. I dread the loose hair in front a few weeks ago, but I left the bottoms really loose. I always convince myself I like bangs on my face, but in reality I don't. This destructive relationship has been happening for years.

I made some beads :)

Also, I have this gecko....

(*this is a really old picture of his adorable face. My card for my camera confused me into formatting, thus losing all current pictures of adorable-ness)

I like to call him rufMONSTER (as in Mr. Rufio Monster). He was staying with my "civil" ex while I was away at college until that ex turned not so civil and threatened to kill rufio because i "was being a bitch and need to learn responsibilities". Rufio had to move in with my parents where they didn't properly take care of him and as a result the little dude had to lose the tip of his tail.

It's no that bad because geckos can detach and re grow their tails, but they won't look the same. Ever since I had this little guy, I've had dreams about him losing his beautiful tail. I haven't been taking it well with all the vet trips and him losing 8 grams. On xmas, I bleached all the tips of my hair in solidarity. (please note, I haven't touched dye or bleach in YEARS. I obviously didn't keep in it long enough and thus have to go back and touch it up).

Anyways, the rufmonster is back to his trouble making self. He's is digging the attention I have to give him and pops his head out of his cave whenever I practice ukulele. My parents didn't even play live music for him! The nerve! In a few more weeks, I get to slyly sneak an animal on campus. Awesome.

I want to make an epic timeline when the year mark rolls around :D
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