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I finally scanned my dreads, due to peer pressure, and my boyfriend/roommate walked into the den as i had my head in the scanner and was like 'are you scanning your face?' and i said no, but he wouldn't believe me and i couldn't really talk as the scan was going on because then my dreads would wiggle so i had to endure the mockery until it finished and i could be all like 'i was scanning my *dreads,* you boob,' which, in retrospect, was probably weirder to him than if i had been scanning my face.


ANYWHOOO. It worked out pretty well. I played with grayscale and brightness and contrast a bit, but only on the scanner. I haven't taken photoshop to them yet. :D

Here's my nape dreads, which are obviously messier than my other dreads.


And here are the frontishrightside dreads.


Playing with contrast

And here I put as much hair as possible onto the scanner and fanned it all out. Look at that mane.

OH! And here's Longy McLongington!

He's one of my favorites.

Mah dreads are six months old (seven in a week and a half, holy SHIT), and last count I had 73. I think i have more like 75 now though. When I first started them I think I had 68? I can't remember. I created them all by myself by backcombing then crocheting. As you can see, a lot of the tips of the front dreads are staying rounded, but nearly the entirety of the crown and back dreads have loose tips that some days frustrate the hell out of me. Oh well. They'll fall in line eventually.:D


I got a hula hooooooooooooop! I am SO EXCITED. I got it off Etsy, collapsible, untaped, and I taped it with green and purple spirals going opposite ways so far, but plan on adding a spiral of MOTHERFUCKING GLOW IN THE DARK TAPE to it once that package gets here. I'm horrible at it right now; I can only get it to stay up around my waist. BUT, my years in colorguard helped me learn the corkscrew and vortex very quickly, however my living room is a bit small to really do much in. THUS I CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING.

I also cold stretched my second earlobe piercings to 14g, and ordered tapers and plugs to get to 4g. Once I get there I'm going to splurge on glow in the dark glass plugs that I found, though obviously it'll be a while before I get to 4g, and I may have to just buy the plugs sooner so that they don't disappear before i can wear them. Tips on stretching, etc are appreciated, and I know there's an lj-community out there that has been mentioned here, but i can't remember the name of it. :(

WHAT ELSE? I've been gluten free for two whole months on monday! It's been a fuckton easier this time around because i've been way more in charge of what i eat and haven't been forced to walk through campus food and fast food at work all the time. ( I have the WORST will power. Especially for chicken nuggets. OMG.) Now comes the part where I make a commitment to hoop every day for at least ten minutes (you guys, i'm so out of shape), and to eat more vegetables instead of gluten-free carbs and meat all the time. and not so much damn dairy. or soda. jeez.

I'm also in the process of applying for disability because of my social anxiety and depression, though my psychiatrist basically told me that i'd never get accepted because they deny everyone (that was a real pick-me-up, thanks dr.), but i'm kind of still hopeful. Any tips in that area would be appreciated as well.

Hopefully, with the hoop and diet I'll be able to lose some weight and be in general healthier, and hopefully that will help me with some of my chronic health problems that doctors just throw their hands up at and tell me i'm normal. Don't EVEN get me started on how fucking frustrating it is to have scores of doctors simply dismiss your PLETHORA of symptoms just because their test says you don't have this or that particular disease. I am SO SICK of being told 'well you don't have *THIS ONE DISEASE,* thus, your very real and sometimes debilitating symptoms are actually all in your head and i won't help you any further.'


Also, my sister is out at the Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA, and I'm wondering if anyone knows whether Arcata is a good place to live, job and housing-wise, and what the general climate is like. I'm looking for a way to move out to Cali, and I want some place that allows cats and is generally not going to fall below 30F in the winter and not go above 100F in the summer. Yup. Looking to move ASAP, but March - May '11 would be optimal.

Anyway, I simply can't believe that it's been six and a half months already, and I am excited for the next six months of growth!

I love you, GUDU.
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