lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

a funny story

the chick that just delivered my jimmy john's sandwich recognized me by my dreads, heh. she'd emailed me a while back about starting a set on her. she ended up starting them herself, but combed out for a wedding - & then found she couldn't have them at work anyway. as JJ delivers on bicycles, she was wearing a helmet, & i consoled her by noting they wouldn't fit under hers anyhow. we had a brief discussion about helmets with removable padding, & she was off to the next delivery.

i didn't get her name, but hey, cute blonde chick - say hi if you lurk gudu!

just some recent campics from december & january:

a silly little gif of me, gorthok, & testing4l watching this on joe's computer. yes, there is a metric shitton of hair in this room.

& a montage of me starting amanda's second set of dreads (new pics coming soon)... with my awesome deep-clean in the bottom right corner. joe's there playing video games to keep me entertained. :D note that i don't deep-clean my tips, as it's unnecessary plus too drying with the dye job, so my soaking configuration is always pretty amusing...

enjoy :)
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