Katie (journalface) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

gudu craft swap!

i have tried to do a few dreadlock-related swaps on craftster but there is usually very little interest. i know there are so many crafty guys and gals in this community and figured what better way to share some dread-craft love?

all items submitted must be dread-related. this is including, but not limited to: tams, headbands, wraps, dread beads, falls, dread-related art. i'm totally open to creativity - if you could post a picture of it to gudu, it's cool to send in for the swap. here's an example of something i might send to you!

so, lishd is totally brilliant and gave me a great idea about how to organize the swap. instead of having people submit their names, matching up partners, and then sending items, we'll work it a bit differently. everyone will take pictures of what they have made and send them to me. then i will match up people based on the goods they made. this way, everyone who actually submits an item will receive an item (unless you're backwardly lazy enough to make something, take a picture, and then not mail it) and in turn, and as lish so eloquently put it, "if you knit a really pretty cashmere scarf you will not end up with a fucked up half mitten."

so! details:

- pictures due to me (katie@twohillsdesigns.com) no later than tuesday, march 1, 2011
- include your lj name and your mailing address with your pictures
- packages mailed no later than friday, march 11, 2011
- your supplies should cost NO MORE than $15-$20
- i will do my best to match people up based on the quality & quantity of what they send

questions? comments? ideas? post 'em!

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