ddreadedloki (ddreadedloki) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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a shitty day

so i dont wanna dump on this board but part of it is dready news
i was outside this morning(it was totally pretty) playing frisbee with some friends, then this girl with dreads that goes to my school walks past. ive seen her before but i thought that id be friendly and talk to her and ask her about her hair and their age and how they were born and shit. well she strait up looked into my eyes(it was more like a glare of death) and then walked past me after i said hello. i dont understand why people are so freaking friggid down here. i had my dreads in a pony tail so she knew we had something in common. ive never experienced something like that before from another dreadhead. it disturbed and upset me. im friendsly when anyone askes about my hair so y cant other people. that was all.
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