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6 Months and a fidget

Prolly been lurking long enough and also by chance found my camera today. This is my second set of dreads and they are 6 monthish old. I also have busy fingers and ball my loose hairs non stop and tuck them with a latch hook. I've got a big girl job so I really had to fast track my dreads cause I could only wear my hair under pretty scarves for so long. 


My first set of dreads were more of a dread hair-wrap and weighed a ton. It was so heavy that if I moved my head too quickly I could hear the hairs pull out. Yikes. That lasted all of 3 weeks, and I immediately started on this set. I just sectioned (50) and back combed. The ends are not my own hair since it shrunk so much with the backcombing. I added permed real hair to the ends so it matched my real hair. My hair is actually in 3 styles; the front which is just my hair, the middle which is dreaded and the back which is undercut. I have alot of hair, and after the hair pulling incident, I erred on the lighter side. I like having the front fringe cause I have alot to work with. Over all, it's one of the best hair decisions I've ever made. I am a bellydancer and burlesque performer and I no longer wear wigs and such for flair and that is about it. On to the pictures...



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