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I just started my dreadlocks two weeks ago with the help of my mom (who sectioned it) and a friend of mine (who didn't really help that much; I think he was afraid of ruining my hair so he didn't end up backcombing it enough). I spent the next week finishing it up, and I've washed it twice in the past two weeks. These pictures are from right after their second washing--in other words, two days ago.

Here is the side view with the flash on so you can see the dreads better:

I've been vaguely wishing for years that I had dreads or was the sort of person who would look good in them, and none of my friends thought that I should get them, so it's taken a while to get the courage and motivation. I think it was a combination of a recently acquired case of fuckitol, and the fact that one of the guys I work with has long beautiful dreads, and therefore I might be able to get away with them at work as well. I backcombed each section for about a half hour with a plastic flea comb. In retrospect, a metal one would have been better, but I was in too much of a hurry to begin the process. The comb didn't break, but a lot of the tines are bent...

Nice blurry bathroom shot:

I still have some "bangs" in the front that I haven't dreaded--I pinned them back for these pics. There's enough for about three dreads; when they get longer I'll probably do them.

I have 33 dreads in all. I wish I had more, but then again, if I did they would be even thinner, and I don't want them any thinner. I want nice thick dreads one day! I've been palm rolling them, although I don't know if I'm doing it often enough. I think I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Here are some shots from the back of my head. The part that I sleep on is getting kind of crazy... The little ones are grouping into big giant ones. :( I do not approve. I have since split them up again and scolded them proper.

I wish I had better pics for you, but I am not very good at taking pictures. I used the timer setting on my camera to get these since I was all alone and had nobody to take them for me.

I've been wearing them up at work in these handy contraptions:

I really love them so far. Also, this whole not-having-to-wash-my-hair-every-day-thing is majorly awesome and convenient. Now I don't have to get my hair wet so often in the middle of winter.

I have a crochet hook that I've been using sometimes to get the loose ends back in. I really want them to be as neat as possible, since I work at one of the corporate offices for a major bank. Fortunately, I work 2nd shift, so not too many people are in the building at that time. With any luck, HR will stay off my case.

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