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three year timeline

hello. i come bearing the promised timeline.
for the hell of it, i tried to include at least one or more photos from every month since they were started. a decent amount of them have probably shown up here at some point or another. here are some details/stats on my hair, advice based on my experience, and photos.

my dreads are roughly three years, one month, and two weeks old today. i have fifty-two, and all but two were started via backcombing. i'm really lazy about maintenance. they've been palmrolled maybe five times ever. i had some large loose pieces crocheted back in before christmas, because they were bugging me a bit; they were accidentally torn out when my roots got caught on various things (like cabinet pulls). i've never used wax or rubberbands.
i use whatever inexpensive clarifying shampoo is lying around, primarily Sauve or Herbal Essences Drama Clean. i wash them once or twice a week, and do baking soda deep cleans every six months or so. my bangs have to be washed daily in the sink. doctor bronners is awesome soap/bodywash, but it leaves gross build-up in your hair. or at least mine. i would never  recommend it. i have no idea why it seems to be so popular with dreadlocks.
stay away from felting needles. they seem like a good idea and instant-fix at first, but every little piece i poked at when my dreads were young broke off, or is a little nugget barely hanging on for it's life now.

just remember that your hair will eventually be gorgeous, no matter how awkward and fuzzy it may be when you start out. don't stress because your dreads don't look like someone else's- they never will. in time they will be amazing and perfect and yours.

sorry for the lack of enthusiasm. i'm pretty stressed about a few personal things right now, & just can't think of much more to say.

there's a ridiculous number of photos, so enjoy.


December 31, 2007

my dreads were started on a whim.

my friend diana took two random segments of hair on either side of my head & knotted them the way she makes hemp jewelry, then stabbed them with a  crochet hook & felting needle. they are my only two dreads with names, "aphid" & "sir didymus".

later that night, we went to igneousfaust 's (who i started dreads on via backcombing two years earlier). i asked him to give me some more dreads. we never sectioned- it was going to just be random ones throughout. at some point i changed my mind & he did the whole back of my head, from my ears & back.


January - February

June - August


September - October

November - December



January - March

April - June

July - September

started dreading more of my loose hair.

October - December

when i first got my labret.


January - March

at a surfrider event in rincon.

April - June

July - August

i cannot survive a day without tea, & those are my favourite flavours.

with my sister & grandfather.

September - October

November - December

i tend to look miserable if i'm not smiling or pulling a face :\


January - February

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