Korê Averna (roseeyedangel) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Korê Averna

One month!

Ok it’s a little late, but thus is life ^.^ my little babies are now one month old.

My roots are a mess *le sigh* but I know it will get better with age so i keep telling myself that. Trying not to mess with them more than trying to keep my roots separate and a little palm rolling after the shower. Waiting until they mature a few more months before I try to find someone to help me maintain them. Or trying to do it myself. Ah while we are on the subject, Dose anyone live in Northern Colorado and is willing to help? Or offer their services?

Other than just wanting time to go by faster I really love them! Eventually I want them to be very tight and Russian-esque but I am enjoying the journey.

From the front


Other side

The back

Close-ups of the crazy texture they are developing.

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