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Dready Love and a Call for Action (if you are so inclined...)

 First of all, I hope everyone is happy and healthy and loved!

But since y'all really care about photos too, I helped a friend of mine, who's dreads I started more than two years ago now, dread one of her friends! It was a lovely, full circle, sharing dready love/knowledge sort of experience, and lots of fun. However, I failed and only remembered to take camera phone photos, so they aren't fantastic quality, but hey! This is she/them! Before:


I had a blast, and we three ended up going out to a local bar after. Helped with the hand cramps and all.... And, I happened to make THREE drunken-ish rip and twist dreadies on consenting friends! Here:  and Here:

As for me, I'm doing alright!
Me, and mini-me!

And, lastly, Planned Parenthood and Title X funding are under attack, as you're reading this. I can't even pretend to know how everyone feels about this issue, but I know that I've used Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings, STI testing, and pap smears, and really have needed their sliding scale fees in the past, which are made possible largely due to Title x federal funding. Not to mention that this funding also covers mammograms, HIV screening and counseling, and much more! If you care about making these sorts of lifesaving services available for men, teens and women, please sign the petition at  

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