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One month update!

So yesterday was Valentine's day, as well as my one-month anniversary of being dreaded! I spent the day (literally about 14 hours) reading online as much as I could about growing a food and herb garden, and composting. It was glorious. In fact, if I stop feeling all sickly and icky, I'll be off to English Gardens eventually to pick up some pots and seeds so I can get started on my indoor herbs right away! Do any of you compost and have some advice for a beginner? I don't even know how long it takes yet to go from nothing, to having some usable compost for gardening.. Hah. Much more research is in order.

ANYWAY. On to the photo update!

I've still been working on my dreads. I've split several of them and re-backcombed, which I know is slowing their progress, but better early on than later I guess. These pictures are from weeks three and four.

Here is one that I split into two:

Then they were lined up too evenly...

so I split one of them in half again.

(the rubber bands are there because I hadn't backcombed them yet)

Simple updo for when I'm sick of the floppy face-hanging ones.

This is my "heh heh... I take too many photos in bathrooms" face, I guess.

I'm having a lot of trouble with the back of my head.. It doesn't seem to want to dread as much as the front of my head. I'm also having a lot of trouble taking photos of the back of my head.. haha.

Top shot:

They're so much easier to see upside-down!


The front dreads are always getting into my mouth and food when I'm eating or brushing my teeth. So yesterday in a fit of soup-eating rage, I tied two of them together in an effort to hold a few back. I kinda liked the way it looked!

As detailed a pic as I could get of it:
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