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February Post

 Just a quick update of whats going on this February, Alot has happened this month, including my 21st birthday, fashion show, and rave/parties that involve endless spinning LED poi which i'm addicted to.  I just can't wait for spring!!!  oh, also got my first tattoo as an early birthday present.

My dreads will be 2 years old in May! 

         Hope you enjoy this post, much as i enjoyed everybodys in the community.   I am so happy to be part of this wonderful, active, awesome dreadlock community on LJ, along with beautiful pictures and inspiring stories to be told.  This month has been busy for some reason.  Alright picture time! Plus i'm thinking about buying blond human hair and make extensions for the dreads soon to match the blue dreads in the front.

              My first tattoo, Cat skull with a red rose in the eye (first day)  I was such a noob due to first time getting tattoos, I over put too much products on it such as lotions, ointment, emu oil during the first week. the ointment(aquaphor) was such a bad idea because i listened to my friends who had tattoos...the tattoo couldnt breath with all the shit on it, it scabbed horribly. I was so clueless on how to take care of this situation.  Found the right aftercare for the tattoo, doing hot compresses and moisturizing lotion everyday to soften the scab down and let it fall off naturally. i did pick some off, once or twice.  The tattoo is bit faded and minor scarring spots which i will be getting a retouch in March. (I have read Lish's aftercare for tattoos and will be using her aftercare for all of my tattoos, it does work well ) Crazy first tattoo experience.             
            i freaking love my LED hula hoop where i plan to hoop in the spring.       
 Have colored the orange dread  to brown, to blend with other dreads.  Texture shot :) 

 This is a picture from my school fashion show, it was a fantasy theme.  I did my model, Krishma for the show. i had a helping hand on the hair, and had so much fun doing her makeup which was my field. The look was based on peacock, and yes those are cotton candy hair wigs behind us.       
  My favorite  picture of my top that is so holy shit bright Uv color under the blacklight from recent rave party. 
 I have way too many Poi pictures of me in parties, I'm an poi addict! 

LOLZ new wave sunglasses yes! 

 Back of my hair shot, i think i was showing something with my hands to  a friend
   Playing with flowtoys 
      Random shot , i spy my cochlear implant!  I have no problem showing my implant, No shame hiding it!  Its part of who i am, and always let people know i have this machine that enable for me to hear again bionically on one ear only.  ( is secretly a cyborg)
  Mom's friend made this beautiful bead stitch for my dread as a birthday present! i need to learn how to make these!
 Plus my cat says hi
I think thats pretty much it for a February update post. To be continued for next month post.
       Much love,
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