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Rough turns and a mini timeline

Hello GUDU. It seems life has been kinda hectic lately. First, we're getting evicted from our current house. Which I love by the way, I love the people I live with, the cats love it.. everything seems great, but we have to move out the second week of March.. So naturally I've been kinda worried about where we're going to live. We have only a few ideas.. nothing solid  and I'm scared because I go to school full time and Cleveland has been absolute SHIT in the weather department. Moving will be tedious our van isn't even working.

I've also had a friend pass the other day on the 21st. She passed the other night on impact in a car accident. Her girlfriend Sarah is one strong girl, I dont know how shes coping so well. I plan on seeing her soon..
My uncle Louie passed as well recently, I didn't know him much.. I was so young when he was prominent in my life.. but once I saw his face in the casket I teared up. Needless to say the funeral was beautiful! They had the Croatian flag up around him and flowers. I also met a lot of family I hadn't seen in my entire life.. lots of crazy. My family expects to travel to Croatia this year or next.. and I hope to maybe travel with. 

I've ignored my hair completely.  I've disowned my darning needle until they become a year old in july because I dont want to overwork them. Theyre about seven months now..  I'm sick of trying to control everything.. and for a while I was trying to control my dreads. I can't expect everything to go my way all the time. Both Ceramics and my dreads have shown me that. It's taught me patience, a sense of oneness with my natural self and freedom. I've become liberated by these things. however small. I feel these little lessons have made such a difference.. made me love myself. Struggling with mood/personality disorders its difficult but I've strengthened without all the useless medication, that only seemed to make it worse. I can't wait for San Francisco this summer, leash training my cat and growing more with my other half. who has been outstandingly supportive.

In brighter and happier news. I saw Rasputina for the first time last night at the Beachland Ballroom last night.. I went with my good grlfriend Moriah. We dressed up all dainty victorian. I put my dreads in five or six different braids and pulled them back with bobby pins. Theyre getting longer but not  long enough to successfully do anything really awesome with.. heh. I'll get there. :}

They played "How soon is now" by THE SMITHS. and it was deliciously good. never really heard a decent cover of The Smiths.. but when Melora did it. dang! she nailed it! After the show I got another beer to share with Moriah (10 dolla minimum on credit cards} and so we just sipped and rolled cigarettes until the snow calmed.. we then  entered the emptied out ballroom... where to my surprise Melora and the rest of the band are walking towards US. got to hug them and talk for a minute.. and then we went home. SO satisfied. seriously. I am still geeking the funk out about it!!! 

but I guess I'll bore you with my head now.

slight timeline of past months..

one month

2 months. With my cat Lollibee.. and old apartment!

3 er 4 months here.. dyed with henna.

6 months. We put a party on for my good friend Leons Birthday!

7 months. 

 stay beautiful you lovely knotty folk.

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