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Almost 3 month update

So here I am, just couple of weeks away from 3 months, and I wanted to share how things are going.

I'd say for the first 6 weeks I would give myself "tune-ups" with backcombing whenever I felt things were too loose. I stopped doing that about a month ago, now, and have found that things haven't gotten looser, if anything, they are starting to tighten up. I've had several seperate at the root area, and I've worked them so that they are now 2 instead of one and they haven't tried to go back together again. I have to say I'm happy with this, and am really looking forward to how things will be down the road. My family has been lovely, I'm still Rob's "Rasta Mama", and my friends have also been great. Of course, GUDU is awesome! So without further ado, here's my haid. Sorry for the fuzziness.. I really need to get someone else to take the pics, other than me.

That's it for now! See you soon, GUDU!!

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