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Hi Im new to the get_up_dread_up  community.
I currently do not have any dreads but I did have extensions braided into my hair for a little while.
I have read through the memories and found a bunch of helpful things but I have a few questions about extensions and washing of extensions.

I have shaved the sides of my head and I want to get my dreads braided back into my hair, but I was wondering If I should shave a little bit more of the sides of my head. So that the strip of hair i have left is thinner and not so wide.
I guess its more of what I prefer, but I was just wondering. Its pretty wide right now, I just dont want to have my dreads put in and me not like it because its too wide and not really a  nice looking dreadhawk per say.

Also when I had my dreads I didnt wash my hair I was told just to let warm water run through it and rub my scalp. I wish I would have known about the Tea Tree Oil back then because my scalp was so itchy and I couldnt stop scratching it, I had little soars. I took the extensions out after a week :( im a wimp.

and the shaved head.

This last picture helps because you can see the back of my hair in the mirror.

Now that I look at it I think I might need to shave some more. Opinions Help :D Please and Thank you all
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