Holls (hollzilla) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

two years!

3.14, 2011 - two years for me! i've been through so much - an engagement, calling it off, university, bipolar, family issues, money issues, living on my own. my dreadlocks hold all those memories and i have no intentions of letting go of them. they've made me stronger over the years, and they will continue to make me stronger.

this one is my first dreadling, it's at my nape. and i'm particular to it's shape.

rainbow bead!

another favourite dreadlock, it's rather nubby.

showing off beads, the glass one is on my biggest dreadlock.

it was chin length when i started them. the longest one is almost at my waist, but it's really curly.

and for some 2am boredom!

lookie, my loose hair is curly! (my hair's naturally curly)

the little 'un way left is one of my mutant ones. i love the ends.

that's all folks. till next year! (maybe so, haha)
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