Witchiebunny (witchiebunny) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

New Set pics finally

So. I've been a little lax in pictures, even though I promised.

What happened?

Well the twists I had in fell out spectacularly before they could begin to dread, very frustrating. So I took them out for several weeks, contemplating trying again with two strand twist or just backcombing.

Well tonight, I finally said enough is enough and backcombed my hair today. And I have pictures!

Pre and Post Locs

A pre/post dreadlock picture, after my last set, but before this one. I was delighted to discover that my hair is naturally incredibly curly (a fact I never knew due to my mother's insistence on relaxers for me as a child)

I love my curly hair...I just love dreads more. ;)

Pre and Post locs

Another curly-haired me. Interestingly enough, the time stamp is VERY wrong, these were taken over the summer.

Birthday Locs - From the front

My new baby set taken tonight. :) Here they are from the front..and yes, that is a Labyrinth poster.

Birthday Locs - From the Back

From the back....

Birthday Locs - From the side

From the side...

Birthday Locs - Flip

and a flip just 'cause. :)

hope ya'll enjoyed the pictures, and I'll keep you guys updated.
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