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Hello all I am have been lurking here for about a year and a half now and I finally have the ball to post, haha. After six months of filling my head with as much knowledge I could about dreads I started my journey with 5 dreads at the nape of my head and now the are almost a year old (May 26th) It took me another 5 months to finally finish my whole head. I have never felt happier with my hair as I do now with dreads.


When I started my dreads I was worried what my mom and family would think, but with the support of great friends and a great boss I continued on with them. My mom hated them so much at first but now she loved them and the rest of my family thinks they are cool for the most part.

My youngest dreads are almost 6 months and my oldest are almost 11 months. I dyed them for the first time last week and I am so in love with it. It was my first time ever dying my hair so I was nervous but really excited. My hair went from red to strawberry blond when I was a kid and stayed the same till now (I'm 20) so my mom never allowed me to dye it because as she says "people would kill to have your hair color!" But my mom said that the color I dyed my hair is close to the color my hair was when I was little which I don't remember but must be true if my dad,brother, and sister also said that. It makes me really happy.

I'm very happy with having dreads in my life, they fit me well and how I envision myself. They help make me who I am. I am a triplet, art therapy major, lesbian, Japanese rock lover, who only watched cartoons with dreads and has this crazy indescribable love connection with humpback whales.

I'll stop with all the text and now for my little time line. there are gaps between months where I didn't take pictures.

1st day of the first 5. A crappy cell phone picture is a crappy cell phone picture.

1 month of the first 5

As the first 5 got older each other I slowly started adding more. I didn't section them until I got to the front/top of my head. All but one of two were done with rip and twist. I don't do much maintenance besides separating them. If I do anymore maintenance it is randomly here and there months apart.

2 months plus more babies

3 months plus more and more babies!

I don't have any at four months, but I was almost done dreading my hair at this point. I didn't add anymore dreads that month either. I finished my dreads in October right before my oldest 5 dreads turned 5 months.

5 months with all my babies finished minus a few random braids which eventually became dreads.

5 months

Youngest dreads at a month, oldest at 6 and the rest around 4 months.

How I generally looked for the next few months with that one dread stick straight out on the side.

oldest 8 months youngest 3 months.

and now:


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