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First Post

*ahem* So, I've been stalking lurking here on GUDU for months and finally took the plunge yesterday and dreaded my hair. Before I get to the MASSIVE amount of pictures I have, I'd like to say something: THANK YOU, GUDU-ERS. Thank you for having a community dedicated to all things dread related. I am so glad that you guys are here, because without you I would've paid a stranger an insane amount of money to send me products I did not need that would have damaged my hair and been a general pain in the ass. As annoying as it was to wait for my hair to grow long enough to dread it, I'm glad that I had the time to obsess over read all the memories and see all the differing opinions and decide what was right for my hair.
Before, I had a mohawk! Which is already a pretty cool style.


Backcomb, backcomb, backcomb

So tired!

We had to pull it back to finish up the front.

Last one! I think I might name him.

And done!


And this is my lovely boyfriend, who backcombed all my hair by himself all day long. <3

So, including breaks for cramping hands/necks/backs/knees, it took 13 hours for this to be done. I'm excited to see what crazy antics these guys get up to.
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