dullndistant (dullndistant) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

my one dread

firstly, about this time last year I had put dreads in all my hair..

they came out very well, I let the ends loose cuz I wanted them to be curly

im on the far left
anyway, they were a little too short for my liking so I brushed them out a few weeks later

I let my hair grow longer and then I started a single dread. it started as a single micro braid - I bleached all my hair except for the microbraid

more bleaching still the long microbraid

unhappy fried hair

cut my hair and at this point the microbraid is a little shorter and fatter

finally got my hair white like I wanted it

the microbraid is now a short firm dread

messy bed head and no makeup = eww

this bead Ive had in since the very beginning - its actual bone carved out into a tiny little skull head
a friend gave me a bracelet full of them from his trip to india, said he got them from bangladesh or sum shit. people always ask me what kinda bones they are - I tell em 'animal bones, baby bones..'
anyways thats my one dread, its a pain to keep it seperate from the rest of my hair but I manage.
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