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Mmm, texture...and a question!

I promised I wouldn't post again for at least another week, but I couldn't help it!

I'm at day 19, so far.

I love my crazy ends.

And this texture!

Mmm, this texture...

Now, for my question. I have read through the memories (paying special attention to the Dreadhawks catagory and the Hairstyles catagory) and I can't seem to find an answer. As anyone who has had a mohawk can probably tell you, right after you trim your sides they're like velcro. Loose hair sticks to that bit of stubble like you wouldn't believe. I'd like to trim my sides as they're getting a bit long, but I'm worried about my dreads sticking to the side of my head. I'm willing to let my sides get longer if I need to, but if any of you out there have tips for stopping velcrohead, could you let me know please?
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