uleavemebleedin (uleavemebleedin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

does it have to end like this??

i gave my hair the chop after 6mths

1st month in i was pink           
 then i went a little blue and had major shrinkage
 around mth 4 i went brown and regretted it instantly, sadly no pics of this. On the upside i started a new job in a salon which is known for it's vintage hairstyling and dreadwork.. no wax here which i'm very happy about and i get to work with the most wonderful people.
then i decide to start the process of stripping out the brown to go blonde, my natural colour that i haven't been for 17 years :O
I'm really happy for now being this colour. Yesterday i went and got my lip and septum done extremely happy about that. This was the night i also realised my extensions were driving me up the wall so i chopped them all off . I've now reached 6mth and i'm extremely happy with their progess so far :)
i also started hubbys dreads, i'll post up some pics as soon as he lets me photograph his mop!! 

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