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I owe this community a year update, plus the past two months that have passed SINCE my year mark for thing one. but for now, you will just get a few shots of me where my dreads have snuck in. i recently cut my hair really short so i have a sort of dread mullet and my dreads show up in pictures more now.


I've been reading DJ MacHale's series Pendragon since the 7th grade, so about 9 years now. its 10 books long and comparable to Harry Potter but much more in depth and the universe is much much larger. i drove all the way across the city to meet him at his first appearance in Georgia. AND IT WAS AWESOME! he talked about his writing style, how he came up with the name for his show Are You Afraid of the Dark? (yes, he's THAT GUY). he explained about his new ghost story series, read some passages from those books. then he answered questions. we had a really fun time talking in code over the last book and last chapter of Pendragon. over all he was a really nice and funny down to earth guy.
i ended up bringing ALL TEN of my Pendragon books and got to spend a good bit of time talking to him while he signed all of them. i told him about how i got into the books, and how i finished the final two books in about a week and a half and was up till 4:30am trying to finish the final chapter. he talked to me about the book covers and parts he liked and didnt like writing in the final book. over all it was a great conversation. i couldn't stop smiling the whole time and when i left i was skipping out of the store.

209473_1297631677130_1120500923_30744135_791585_o (2)
messing around at the gamer bar i go to for trivia

this was only about 2/3 of my trivia team on Star Trek themed trivia, we were the Red Shirts. :P and yes, we shot ourself in the foot and lost. but it was still a really fun night and i enjoyed myself.

2010-12-28 16.17.58
then finally me giving my dad the evil eye as he kept bugging me while i was using the dremel to wenol some metal scratches out of mugs.

one day soon i will update! its just so many pictures, and so much to talk about. omgawd. but i will update soon. <3 you guys so much, and take care!

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