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Cutting Them Off

I decided to cut my dreads off after new years *gasp* I know what a horrid crime! The only reason I'm doing it is because they're not even dispersed across my head, they're all wacky sizes, and I have to keep shaving my undercut. So after I cut them off I'm going to give my hair at least 6 months to grow in a little then I'm going to dread my whole head. I'm gonna do it right this time, not let some stoned hippie do it for me. LoL not that he did a terrible job.... I just got some weird dread patterns with hair from different parts of my head coming together to make one dread, I think that's why its so tough for my roots to dread together cause the hair isn't all coming from one place on my head. We'll I'll be sure to have some pics of how ugly I look without hair, and how my new dreads come out! LoL I can only imagine how good it will feel to be able to fully wash, shampoo, and condition my hair again....
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