Cherice (bluetomatosoup) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

An entry in which I pose for photobooth as if I were a model working with a professional camera.

 This entry mostly exists so I can show off my newest tattoo!

Tattoo! It's a few crabapple tree branches and blossoms down my arm, in case you couldn't tell. My neighborhood growing up had a million crabapple trees and they would all blossom in the spring and make my entire subdivision smell magical. So now every time I get homesick, I can glance down and have a permanent reminder. :) My appointment to get it colored in is on June 6th! I absolutely cannot wait.
In case anyone is looking for tattoo work in Chicago, Jennifer Trok of Speakeasy Custom Tattoo was the most amazing artist. She was so friendly, really made me feel comfortable, and did really outstanding work. I wish I had gotten my other previous tattoos done by her! She was also pretty reasonable on price. Definitely recommend.

In other news; dreads. They are 5 and half months old. They're getting continually crazier, and much to my enjoyment are requiring much less separating then they did previously. Which is nice, because, quite honestly, keeping them from eating each other is my least favorite chore.

I recently skimmed the memories looking through the dyed dreads section. I'm getting it! The hair dye itch! I stripped out black dye from my hair and brought it the closest a box can get it to my natural color right before dreading, and I miss having black hair. It had been black for so long that people just started assuming that was my real hair color. Brown eyes and being Italian help that, I suppose. In any case, what I didn't find in the memories were nice quality pictures of people with dyed black dreads. I even flickr searched and couldn't find anything super helpful. It was all fake dreadfalls or black as in African American dreads. Photos, anyone? Help a sister out. :)

Have a lovely day, Gudu!
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