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'ello, dreadie loves...not a whole lot to say, but I've got a few fun
photos from recent outings & some other stuff you might enjoy :D

Firstly, my hair is getting insanely long. I'm holding up my longest two, Aphid & Sir Didymus.

Secondly, some of my weak little dread nugget ends have finally bit the dust. My hair was about 3 inches long &
heavily bleached when I started my dreads nearly three & a half years ago, & there was a brief span with liberal
use of a felting needle. The combo was bad. Fortunately, my hair is so long now, I don't mind the loss of a couple
inches off the ends of a few. When it gets a little longer, I'll probably trim the remaining damaged ends off completely
so there's just nice, healthy hair left.

I went on a random drive a few days ago, & ended up around sunset on this little known beach my friends & I used
to frequent when we were in highschool. It used to have a dock, but it collapsed a long time ago into an algae covered
pile of concrete & driftwood.

Yesterday, a friend of mine came over armed with a pellet rifle & a recurve bow, so we had some entertaining target practice.

I'm a better shot with the rifle, but the bow is so much more fun!
My first arrow was dead-on, but the rest...well. At least most of them hit the target :D

"Wait, put on the quiver. You look like little white chick Rambo!"
"Alright, I'm gonna Robin Hood the shite out of this."

Archery, by the way, is extremely fun. I highly recommend you go try. It's oddly satisfying.

I am so, so happy everything is finally green again <3

Oh, yeah, & I dyed a few of my dreads fuchsia. It's a tub of Punky Colour I've had laying around for about three years
mostly full. It isn't supposed to be fuchsia, though. The label used to say it was pink. Cupcake or something.

So, yeah. Random things.
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