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trip to colorado & dancing grief

hi, friends. :)

it has been some time since i've posted. i've been pretty busy these days, trying to keep my head above water both personally and professionally. i feel like i'm starting to strike some kind of balance in my life and i've made conscious choices to actively seek out that union. i am a human work in progress.

i recently took a road trip to colorado with my love jason to visit one of my favorite dreadheads, my buddy paul. jason and i packed up the car and too the drive from dallas to denver, spent a few days in colorado and then returned through new mexico and across the entirety of texas. the photos in this post are a combination of mine and jason's shots. this particular one is jason's and is of our new friend randy in the mountains of boulder:

these shots are from cadillac ranch in amarillo, texas. it's an art installation of cadillacs half-buried in the ground (at the same angle as the pyramids of giza, apparently - just learned that sweet fact on wikipedia) that are all spray painted. anyone can spray paint them, which is super cool! there was a small family there painting when we got there. it was really fun to watch. next time, i'll definitely bring a can or two myself.

it's not a great shot, but it shows the full installation a bit better.

i saw a real, live tumbleweed and promptly ripped the camera from jason's hands and started chasing it. :P

the first day was mostly spent recovering from the drive and working on my friend paul's hair. i initially met paul at a maintenance appointment a couple augusts ago. we had such a good time at that first appointment that we became fast friends and have been pals ever since. i'll miss him badly this football season, as jason and i used to go to his house on sundays and watch games all day and shoot the shit. i'll have to laugh at the cowboys across the miles now. boo! anyways, here's paul's hair after i gave him a little cleanup.

that's a little better than how they looked when he first came to me two years ago, damaged from a dread perm and awful string maintenance:

the next day, while paul was working faithfully at the shop, jason and i decided spur-of-the-moment to go horseback riding. i figured that while we were in the rockies, we might as well do some rugged nature-y things and i used to ride horses as a kid, so it was right up my alley. as usual, jason was game and we headed up to loveland (<3), colorado to take a two-hour guided trail through the mountains. we didn't get as many pictures as i'd have liked during this trip cause, well, we were riding horses. on the way:

jason's horse's name was pardner. awwwww, pardner.

my horse was named pistol. he really liked to eat grass and did not really like to climb mountains. we struck a nice deal when i allowed him to eat his heart out during the mountain viewing breaks and he allowed me to get through the mountains in one piece in reasonable time. a fair trade, i think.

our trail guide under the enormous and breathtaking echo rock:

pistol, givin' face:

jason, givin' scratches:

the next day, we traveled up to boulder for a quick escape into the mountains. looking over the town here:

we went for a little hike up the mountains of boulder. it sure got my heart rate up, both from the exercise and the view. the man, being goofy:

"oh my god, if you fall, i'll kill y-- well, the fall will kill you, but i'll be mad about it for a long time."

the day was overcast but i've still never seen a view like this in person.

after a few really amazing days in denver with good friends, jason and i departed denver. we took a quick stop at pike's peak, which is one of the most ridiculously amazing places i've ever been. we only got to go up fourteen of the nineteen miles of the peak but we still had the most incredible view ever.

pike's peak from the road:

at the bottom of the peak:

a couple miles up the mountain:

another couple miles up the mountain.

i took these pictures to scare my mom. this is at mile 14.

the best view from the top. woooooooooah.

coming back down the mountain.

my dreads will be this long in, say, two years:


we are wicked in love. on a mountain. (my dreads are messy in this picture but NO MORE in real life! someday i'll post those pics. someday.)

after departing pike's peak, we headed to the white sands motel in alamogordo, new mexico. new mexico is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places i've ever been. the desert is stunning. i had never been on a trip before where we actually worried about the distance between us and the closest gas station. i'm from boston, man, gas stations are EVERYWHERE. i think we went 100 miles without seeing one at one point. no shitty fast food signs clogging up the views. i loved it.

we went to three rivers petroglyph site which is out in the middle of the desert. the petroglyphs are drawings on rocks that were done by people in the area around a thousand years ago. not much is known about the people who left them but i think it's pretty simple to let the work speak for itself. this place had a stunning energy and we were treated to our preferred weather of sunny and hot. i believe i am tasting the air here.

jason posing with some kind of animal.

drinking it in. it's almost hard to imagine that i used to hate the sun.

my dad gave me this necklace years ago after a trip to the southwest. it felt very appropriate to wear it on this day. i also have his forehead in this picture. thanks for the hairline, dad.

i now like the sun but that doesn't mean i don't respect it. taking a breather from the harsh rays in this little hut.

we left the petroglyph site and went right to white sands, new mexico which is maybe my favorite place on earth. there was laughing, falling, scooting, jumping, dancing, rolling, giggling, tickling, and i'm sure at least a handful of other gerunds. white sands is so vast, you really can't see the end of it. it's an expanse of crazy proportions and i was humbled to be there.

here's some of that aforementioned falling. my first try up a dune was less than successful. the harder you try to push off the sand, the faster you fall. it took me a minute to get that but once i figured out the light-stepped fast jump, i was golden.


i call this my jump series. it took a few tries but we got the money shot eventually. it is not this one. it might have been if i had pointed my toes. :P

shit, it's hard to jump on sand.

this picture provided great inspiration to me. i honestly felt heavy and weighed down when this picture was taken. i was criticizing myself inside my head the whole time i was jumping. then for a second, for one second, i let go and jason captured that shot. i saw it and it awakened a spark in me that had lain dormant for many years now, bogged down by the illusion of "real life." i realized suddenly that i wanted to take all the tears, all the anger, all the depression, all the hurt, all the things that drag me down and DANCE THEM OUT. release them. and hopefully be a better, lighter person on the other side.

so i started planning. i am pulling together a dance project that deals with the human connection to grief. it will be performed at a wonderful community space near my house. local groups & businesses have responded so unbelievably generously to my inquiries. it seems like what i am asking for, the universe is ready to give. i'm very happy to say that tastelesssoda is going to be a part of it, too. i don't know if you guys know this, but she is a really awesome person and a wonderful friend. and she brings me homemade granola. :)

[edit] DUHHHH. like i said, i'm a work in progress. i forget things sometimes. lishd edited this photo for me to take out my water bottle.

and then she took out my footprints! I CAN FLYYYYYYY

thanks for reading, yo! love you guys. <3
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