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PS. This Weekend is the End of the World

 Hey Friends!

I wanted to post a few pictures of what me and my curly bits have been up to this past month.

It's Friday, it's sunny outside and here I am at a cubicle...battling the demons of the corporate technical world. It's what I do.

At 4pm the boyfriend and I will be heading out to a festival in the woods to frolic with some dirty hippies... :)

See, last weekend was the first festival of the season which I've been looking forward to ALL WINTER. My cabin fever was bad this winter so I was pretty eager to bask in as much sunshine as possible. We drive a few hours to get to a little place outside of Yosemite. Friday night was cool (weather wise) but not bad...but not hot either. Saturday was cloudy. The clouds were moving pretty fast so we were all hoping for clear skies 'soonish' but that never happened. We woke up Sunday morning to this:

California in the middle of May...? Insanity. I forget how very very cold and wet the snow is...

As for my hair...length is still taking its sweet ass time and what used to be a little frizz is now a bunch of loose messy hair. I'm in desparate need of maintnence. I'm also fairly convinced that all of my curly tips will remain (which i'm COMPLETELY ok with - I was a bit disapointed thinking they would eventually round themselves out).

I've also been decorating :) Below is a new hair piece (clip) I made.

(Cheap hair claw + feathers + hot glue = WIN!)

I also discovered (ok so i'm probaly not the first to think of this) a new way to attach beads with small openings to fatty dreadlocks...WIRE! I thread a larger-gauge wire through the bead then wrap the wire around the dread (not too tight). Like so....

I even wrapped wire around THIS big guy. This ONE dread keeps getting snagged on the zipper of a vest I've been wearing a lot and it's driving me crazy. I wrapped it with wire and bent/shaped it so it lays AWAY from the evil hair-eating zipper. So far so good...

Oooh and I picked up a glass ring for a few bucks from a local glass artist that fits my biggest dread like a freakin glove....! Score :)

--The End--
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