girl_flaneur (girl_flaneur) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

"I don't like dreadlocks on white people"

 I just saw this on Regretsy today and was super, super offended; on my own behalf as well as on the behalf of most of the [white] dreadlocked community...

"I don’t like dreadlocks on white people.

White people with dreadlocks always have an art name or a hippie name or a fucking yoga name. You never meet a white girl with dreads named “Jill”. It’s always, “Hey, this is my friend, Ananda Gheranda-Samhita Sunflower One Tree Berkowitz.” And there’s always a “Berkowitz”, because so many white hippie girls are Jewish. I don’t know, maybe they’re tired of flat irons.

Don’t tell me that dreads are clean. Just don’t. I know, you have a friend with dreads, and she washes them all the time. I consider that anecdotal evidence, and not compelling. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong (not really), but aren’t dreads created by not brushing, not combing and not washing your hair? That’s how they’re made in the wild, anyway. There was a guy who used to hang outside the 7-11 with one big dread the size of a pie tin, and he smelled like the inside of a plunger.

So no, I’m not ever going to buy anything modeled by someone with dreads. You may very well be the one person in the world without nits in your gnarled clump of mats, but I’m not taking any chances. Any bugs I’m hosting are my own."

Shocking amount of non-lighthearted vitriol for a lol-based blog, imo.

Seems to me that her beef with dreads is her [mis]understanding that they are unclean - a common enough misconception, I guess.  Perhaps part of what grates worse than the ignorance and vitriol is the caveat that she is only talking about white people - not to make that distinction might mark her out as a bit of a racist, right?  And that would be Wrong!  But levelling all that spite solely at the caucasian dreadlocked community is fine?  Especially the Jewish girls.

It just seemed so vicious and out of place for the blog... I don't know...

I suppose I should just suck this up with the rest of the pointless and ill-informed commentary of the ignorant?
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