Sarah (thismaykill) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

its been awhile!

&you're in for a

two months ago, i decided quite randomly to begin the de-dreading process on almost 2-year-old dreads that had been originally dreadpermed. i had nearly 80 and each one took 20 minutes or more to untangle (with a fork, my combs broke!) after the first ten, i began to cut off half the dread to save time. i deep conditioned through out the process and am still surprised at how healthy my hair is!

for nostalgic purposes, i left two dreads and totally love them.

i miss my dreads to an extent, but felt like it was time for a change and am happy i went for it.

i'll probably still snoop around to check up on y'all and who knows, maybe one day i'll start the dread journey again.. but for now, keep on keepin on guys and it was awesome sharing with you!! take care!
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