Melissa (miss_catalyst) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


guys, i learned how to make dread sleeves! wooooo! i'm absurdly proud of myself.
peyote stitch is a lot easier, but a lot more frustrating than i expected.

side note: i'm sooo happy the activity around here picked back up!
i was having lovely dreadie withdrawal for a little bit, there. <3

firstly, a bonfire at a friend's house...pardon it being kind of weird, it was taken with
a camera phone at night & i have no idea what i am so excited about, haha...
this is actually the least-bizarre photo...i look like a creepy ass ghost from an asian horror flick
or some such in the i might go all crabwalk-y on you. too scary to share :D

i cannot even imagine not living less than ten minutes from a beach!

no photos came out, but i also had my first surfing lesson that day. i grew up in a surfing family-
i don't know why i wasn't thrown on a board when i was a kid, but i am seeking to rectify this!
the bruises were fierce :p

later that night we decided to go kayaking in the last vestiges of twilight. i highly recommend it.

we managed to get four people on that kayak in one shot...good thing the water was so smooth or we all would've gone swimming :p

adventuring with a friend the next day to gather supplies & turn her into a flaming redhead...

bad sunburn & some of my sloppier henna work :\

& as a bonus, a couple blurry camera phone photos a friend just sent me from a bonfire at her place back in march, when i was flaming red.

that's all for now, cats & kittens.
over & out <3

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