Alice in Wonderland (3libras) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Alice in Wonderland

4 months and the end

Earth Day at Lake Eola here in Orlando. My son was enjoying corn chips and hummus. :)

New glasses!

Freshly washed, lookin' derpy. My face is crooked, which makes my glasses crooked. Oh well!

So, when I was pinkifying my dreads, I learned that one bottle wasn't enough for all my hair. I ran out to buy more hair dye but the place I went to didn't have Atomic Pink (which I had used initially) and only had Cupcake Pink. I figured it would have to do. Well, guess which side was dyed which color! Haha.


Some fatties doing a congo!

What's this?! (Lish, one of them is for you if you want it!)

Post removal, pre-tidying.

Decided to shave all of it but my fringe. I really love how it looks on me! I'm so pleased that I have the head and face shape to pull this off.

It was feeling like time for a change. I was really craving brushable hair again, and I was missing being able to scratch my scalp and run my fingers through my hair! I've also been geeking out and thinking about costumes I want to do for cosplay lately, and there's a character I want to cosplay with hair like how mine will look once it grows out a little - so that clenched it. Wigs are expensive! ;p I probably should have thought it over longer but with all the changes in my life lately, it felt really right and I'm really pleased with the result - I cut off all the dreads and then shaved what was left and left my fringe. Here's hoping I don't regret it in the coming weeks! Haha. I'm sure I'll have dreads again someday!
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