bag of bones (kchenko) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
bag of bones

4 month (?) update!

Hiya GUDU! This is my 4ish month update. I've been without the internet for a couple of months. It feels great to have it back. I picked out some pictures to illustrate my dread journey and my life journey. I went to my best friends wedding in Arizona last month. It was so beautiful. I've been to the lake. My dreadies have been dyed, beaded, in desert air, in the rain, and in the lake. What an exciting few months it's been. I'll bet they are all tuckered out from all this excitement. :) This is kinda photo-heavy..... ... Wow-wee! Much love to all you GUDU souls.

Me and my friend Brandy at my BFF's wedding. Sedona!!

On the Bride's side. :)

Ryan and me with an awesome photobomb-job by Shaun.

This is the bride/my BFF Danielle. She has wicked long, thick flowing elvish hair. She is incredible. :)

Ry and I having a delicious lunch at Cornish Pasty...Phoenix, Tempe?? I dunno. I do know that it was yummy.

Playing in the desert.

Kisses for John, the groom. Bitchin beard...

Back home in Belleville, Illinois. Bar time!

A hike in Grafton, IL.

All of these were taken just now. I'm really enjoying my dread journey. Life is good.

I'm enjoying my summer. I hope you are, too!
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