hands full of sun and rain (quintinia) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
hands full of sun and rain

n00b. I is one.

Hello everybody! My name is Jesse, I'm from South Carolina but in September I'm moving to Savannah, Georgia to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (where my dreads will fit right in, I'm sure). I'm new to this group and I just got my dreads done on June 25, by the lovely Lish (I can testify that she does have a face in real life). Process pics are under the cut.

Before, my insanely thick hair, which I had cut short for several years but have been growing out for over 1 1/2 years specifically for dreads:

Sectioned, feeling like a willow tree:

The Dreadicorn:

The Beast:

And at one week, trying out pigtails:

(This is what happens when I attempt to raise one eyebrow and look sassy while taking my own picture)
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